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Ruinas del Mar

On Aruba’s north shore are stone ruins that stand tall and overlook the Caribbean Sea, the Bushiribana Gold Mill Ruins of Aruba’s gold rush.

The first gold discovery in Aruba was In 1824, Willem Resmeyn, a 12 -year -old local Aruban boy, found a piece of gold next to Rooi Fluit (xWhistle River). At the time, gold was approximately 150 florins per gram, and the returns were minimal, so the government discontinued the operation in January 1829.

Forty -one years America, England, and Italy resumed the search for gold. Aruba Island Goldmining Company, from London, built the factory at Boca Mahos, Bushiribana, in 1874, constructed by mason Alexander Donati, where the rocks and ruins are still today.

We honor this history with our restaurant, Ruinas del Mar, bringing together two Aruban pieces, our history, and our love of seafood. Welcome!

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